Windley School is grouped into whanau. Each whanau has three or four classes at varying levels.

Te waka o nga hau e wha

This whanau draws families from the four winds and creates belonging and cohesiveness by using the model of all being in the same canoe.working as a team of paddlers in time and unison, heading in the same direction and having the same sense of purpose and learning.

He Puawaitanga

Meaning blossoms. This whanau have a sense of what is to come. The families in this whanau are full of promise and are developing their learning and skills that will bear fruit as they grow older.

Aiga Taumafai

This whanau supports each and every student to reach their potential. They understand that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Every student in this whanau strives for success in what ever they do.


The poutama pattern in tukutuku symbolises whakapapa and also the various levels of learning. The families in this whanau use the poutama pattern to encourage different levels of learning for all students. Each level or step has a higher level of learning.  The families of this whanau are always seeking higher levels of learning.