Support Staff

Support staff are very important. They help the school function effectively and efficiently. They support our students’ emotional, social and academic learning. Many of the support staff work closely with the teachers in class to ensure the student’s learning is optimal.

Yvonne Johnston  –  Office Manager

Hoki Ransfield  –  Admin/ Teacher Aide

Sandra Findlay  –  Librarian

Pat McCalman  –  Librarian

Daymond Tauakume  –  Caretaker

Caleb Davis  – Social/Emotional Coach

Shantey Kitiseni  –  Teacher Aide

Jo Lafou  –  Teacher Aide

Nicolle Louez  –  Teacher Aide

Kay Oldridge  –  Teacher Aide

Diana Puleiata  –  Teacher Aide

Denise Sione  –  Teacher Aide

Paul Sayers  –  Social/Emotional Coach