Special Programmes

Understanding the needs of our students and adapting our teaching and learning to carter for these needs can be a complex process. There are some very successful programmes that have been developed that engage our students through building social skills, communication skills and thinking skills. These special programmes support our students to have Voice, Action and Identity

Adventures in Learning

The Adventures in learning programme focuses on developing skills in the key competencies. The teachers plan experiences that will capture the children’s interest, develop a strong base for inquiry and encourage awe and wonder. In working in the Adventures in Learning programme we expect to see the children developing inquiry learning skills – the ability to ask questions and an attitude of searching for an answer. The current curriculum and inquiry focus are used to support the child’s understanding. In providing child focused, relevant and authentic contexts we expect to engage the interest of the child. Adventures in Learning is currently happening in the Y1-4 level of the school. There is a provision of extra adult support to enable children to develop language and understanding of the world around them.


This programme supports our senior students to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and develops their self management skills. Kowaiau raises the status of our students by allowing them to take control of themselves and positively influence others. The programme helps position our students to be confident in who they are and how they can manage problems and difficult situations. Kowaiau supports our students to have Voice, Action and Identity.